Cats In Cars Getting Coffee

Spriteville is a mobile app that lets you paint with physics to instantly create animated scenes where objects (aka “sprites”) move, collide, break up, fade, emit field forces, change speed, etc..

All brush effects can be customized with emoji as their “brush stamp” (the brush tip).

Here’s how you can quickly make a Spriteville scene that rains basketballs…

First select a brush style like “Stained Glass”, then select a physics option like “Graviton” (so the basketballs fall), and then select the Basketball emoji from the Keyboard.

Spriteville also gives you creative power to layer emoji in fun ways. For example, create “Cats In Cars Getting Coffee” by simply dragging emojis on top of each other…

First select an effect (e.g., I like the “Pewter” effect), then pick the “Fermion” physics particle, then select the “Cat” emoji using the Keyboard. Paste a few cats. Similarly dab a Car emoji onto the scene and then a couple of Coffee emojis.

You can also draw animation paths for your emoji (or composite emoji) to follow….

Just select the “Gluon” physics particle and draw a path (like a heart). Then when another sprite crosses the path, it will follow the path repeatedly

And turn your emoji into a planet that other emoji orbit….

Select the “Planet” physics option for the Sunflower emoji. Then add Ladybug emoji and fling them into the Sunflower to make them orbit. The larger the Sunflower, the more powerful the pull of the orbit.

Emoji can be used as particles in emitters…

Just select an emitter and pick an emoji like Cats as the stamp. Then simply paint.

So have fun and #MoveTheWorld!

Happy #WorldEmojiDay 🌎😀from #Spriteville


-- Co-creator of Spriteville, Dynamic Art, / Co-founder of Celly, Emergent Social Networks,

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